anish kapoor unveils sky mirror at AT&T stadium in dallas



a giant mirror reflecting the sky, one of anish kapoor‘s most recent mirror sculptures, was unveiled friday night at the AT&T stadium in dallas. the 35-foot diameter circle of stainless steel reflects texas big open skies on its concave side and on the stadium side, hundreds of thousands of football fans. the $10 million artwork (plus $3 for the surrounding black granite fountain and the labor it took to install it all) sits on a black granite plinth that elevates it just high enough that it can be seen from interstate 30 as one approaches from the east. ‘when it comes to merging fine art with a football stadium‘, cowboys owner jerry jones said, ‘I’d like to say that this is an original idea, but I’m sobered up and reminded up that they had art throughout the colosseum of rome.‘ (dallas morning news reports)


an urban, contemporary, and ever-changing aesthetic variation on the 18th-century landscape painting tradition,  the freestanding ‘sky mirror’ literally brings the sky down to the ground, with its polished surfaces that are seamless and uninterrupted. the large, 23-ton circular stainless steel optical sculpture will change through the day and night and is an example of what kapoor describes as a ‘non-object’, a sculpture that, despite its monumental form, suggests a window or void and often seems to vanish into its surroundings.