buckets, 2002 paint on buckets 27 x 61 x 28 cm

the work of UK artist anna barriball, hinges on the minimal interactions between objects, moving between the parallel languages of drawing and sculpture.

the emphasis of her art is about recording the physicality and substance of mundane objects, by tracing their form. much of her practice focuses on exploring the passage of time, through interactions with these everyday objects either by graphite rubbings which bare traces of the object’s use or function transforming paper into shimmering works of art, or through wrapping objects entirely with ribbon to accentuate their form and shape. barriball’s reptitious actions results in a series of interventions which combine these labor intensive techniques – pieces which make sense of the world by empirical study.

anna barriball untitled(detail), 2008 curtain fabric dimensions variable edition of 3

anna barriball sunset/sunrise v, 2008 pencil on paper 85 x 110 cm

anna barriball mirror window wall iii, 2008 ink on paper 260.5 x 200.5 cm

anna barriball draw (fireplace), 2005 dvd projection 10 min 30 sec

a large sheet of tracing paper covers a fireplace being sucked in and out, wrapping around features of the fireplace. expelling the air causes paper to inflate. paper becomes animated, a strange form of respiration which is ridiculous and mysterious.

anna barriball door, 2004 pencil on paper 208.5 x 88 x 6 cm

anna barriball silver map, 2003 silver pen on world map 82 x 131 cm

anna barriball chair, 2004 chair, ribbon and pva glue 65 x 80 x 4 cm

anna barriball black wardrobe, 2003 tape on wardrobe 177.8 x 70 x 40 cm

anna barriball was born in plymouth, england in 1972. she attended the winchester school of art and obtained her masters in fine art at the chelsea college of art in 2000. she is represented by the frith street gallery in london, UK where she currently lives and works.

in the upcoming year, barriball will be having a solo exhibition at the milton keynes gallery,UK and will be participating in two group shows: one at studio 44 in stockholm and as part of the ‘newspeak: british art now exhibition’ at the saatchi gallery.