‘capitalism is a tricky thing’


following his NSFW lamp, anonymous artist monsby is at it again with a glory hole for players of capitalism. titled ‘capitalism hole’, the one-off art piece measures 79cm x 79cm x 5cm and features various american dollar bills surrounding a cut hole, which is mounted in a gold colored frame.


the artist says about the work, ‘capitalism is a tricky thing. today you suck someone off for tomorrow’s benefit, but when tomorrow comes, you find your ass right in front of the same hole. and it is not something you expected as a benefit, when you sucked off yesterday.’ 


monsby is selling the piece for £150,000. an NFT version of ‘capitalism hole’ will also be available on the foundation app.

monsby capitalism glory hole
images courtesy of monsby

monsby capitalism glory hole
dollar bills surround a roughly cut hole

monsby capitalism glory hole
the artwork is also available as an NFT



project info:


name: capitalism hole
artist: monsby


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edited by: lynne myers | designboom