antonio cuellar photographs blakes hotel in south kensington, london 
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‘blakes hotel’ was created in 1978 by designer anouska hempel. based in south kensington, london, it’s famous for its design, services, and privacy. antonio cuellar, on assignment from the hotel, was allowed unlimited access to photograph the mystique laden establishment. ‘blakes’ takes guests on a design-filled journey through india, china, indonesia, thailand, cambodia, egypt, italy, and ultimately, back to the UK. an eclectic collection of elegant artifacts are in abundance, gathered from around the world during hempel’s voyages abroad. 

antonio cuellar blakes hotel south kensington london designboom
cardinal suite




the chinese room, directly adjacent to ‘blakes’ critically acclaimed restaurant, is adorned with luxurious furnishings for a in depth experience of the far away culture. rooms throughout the hotel are dramatic interpretations of the represented place. deep, rich tones and subtle contrasts create daring compositions that are highly pragmatic without losing an ounce of opulence. around every corner there is a surprise, and chance to discover the magic of the world’s most beautiful cultures.

corfu suite

antonio cuellar blakes hotel south kensington london designboom
the chinese room



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