italian architect and graphic designer federico babina created ARCHIMUSE; 9 illustrations of muses and goddesses that take on different shapes, like architecture, camouflaging themselves similar to chameleons of inspiration. the artist describes the muses as stars who shine only in the darkest moments, and are like mischievous elves that you have to perceive among everyday things.

archimuse chameleons of inspiration 1
all images courtesy of federico babina



the 9 images by federico babina are a mythological universe inhabited by architectural creatures with different personalities who accompany the viewer on an illustrated journey where one can lose themselves and live for few moments among their shapes and colors. they are organisms that fly lightly or rest firmly on the ground, shy and introverted, or enthusiastic and adventurous, soft and maternal, that when discovered, wrap you up in a protective embrace.

archimuse chameleons of inspiration 2



in these illustrations, I like to imagine an anthropomorphic architecture soaked with dreamlike fantasy and mythological themes to describe the unconscious and the double life of architecture. architecture and buildings live a life of their own. they take shape molded by dreams, imagination, obsessions, ideas, and fears of the designers and begin to live like fantastic creatures. you can hear their breath when they are caressed by the wind, and you can hear their song when touched by the rain. the windows are the eyes to peer into the world and through which observing their inner universe. they have a brain that moves their mechanisms, a personality that makes them unique, and a soul that gives them life.



archimuse chameleons of inspiration 3

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archimuse chameleons of inspiration 6

archimuse chameleons of inspiration 7


archimuse chameleons of inspiration 8



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artist: federico babina


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