‘strange fruit’

horst kiechle is an australian architect whose work borders on art. his experimental approach has been applied to buildings, furniture, exhibitions and performances. his process becomes very evident in his final pieces when you see the prototype models, dubbed ‘archisculptures’. the meticulous designs are all made from paper and card to create intricate planar forms which are scaled up for the final form. the small models are reminiscent of math projects from geometry class.

'archisculptures' by horst kiechle ‘positive negative’

'archisculptures' by horst kiechle ‘nox in a basket’ & ‘spiky basket’

'archisculptures' by horst kiechle ‘darren knight gallery exhibition model’

'archisculptures' by horst kiechle ‘prototype II’

'archisculptures' by horst kiechle ‘looking up’

via cpluv