arne quinze: chaos in motion
images courtesy of arne quinze


arne quinze: chaos in motion
musée d’art moderne et d’art contemporain (MAMAC), nice, france
on now through october 27th, 2013




‘chaos in motion’ is arne quinze’s latest development of architectural sculptures, in which he challenged himself to capture and create physical representations of everyday chaos. the massive forms are exploding strips of his trademark orange colored wood and glass pieces, that protrude and provoke the viewer. at first glance, the work seems a chaotic mixture of different elements — yet a closer look determines that all of the pieces have been placed in a specific way, having a precise function. by capturing and researching the perfect angles and curves, quinze was able to freeze the dimension of movement.


quinze’s art pieces represent a physical and emotional connection between people. the sculpture’s monumental size and shape creates an atmosphere of curiosity that lures people into the space. quinze draws influence from culture — wherever he travels, he studies the interaction of people, urban movement and the expression of human beings in their surroundings. this mental process leads him to the physical actualization of his multifaceted sculptures.



arne quinze: chaos in motion
spectators viewing the massive sculpture ‘chaos in motion’



arne quinze: chaos in motion
wavy and curved wooden pieces form the piece





arne quinze: chaos in motion
a detail of one of quinze’s ‘chaos boxes’



arne quinze: chaos in motion
‘chaos box’, a small glass box filled with a mass of small wooden sticks attached to eachother