art basel hong kong presents α (alpha) pulse skyscraper lighthouse by carsten nicolai
carsten nicolai’s new audio-visual installation, α (alpha) pulse, takes place during the second edition of art basel in hong kong. each night, α (alpha) pulse generates a light pattern that will pulsate in a synchronized frequency across the entire façade of HK’s iconic 490 meter high international commerce centre (ICC) on the kowloon harbor front. 
α (alpha) pulse is an experimental construction that looks at the effects of audiovisual stimulation on the human perception. in accordance with scientific research, α (alpha) pulse is based on the principles of neural feedback on pulsating light sources. the work presents an experiential set-up that explores the effects that the light impulses might have on the mood, relaxation, attention, and creativity of viewers.
like a lighthouse, the tower sends its pulses into the city, reaching out to hong kong residents and visitors. the accompanying mobile phone application, also designed by german artist carsten nicolai, is allowing audiences to participate in α (alpha) pulse. the app provides the audio for the installation and respond to the light display on the ICC, adding another fascinating layer to the installation. recommended public places to watch the happening are tamar park, sun yat sen memorial park and the terrace on podium 3 and 4 of the IFC mall.
(alpha) pulse’s schedule is may 15 -17, 8:30 pm – 9:20 pm.
carsten nicolai at art basel hong kong


about art basel in hong kong
with half of the participating galleries coming from asia and asia-pacific, art basel HK assumes a significant role in the international artworld, providing a portal to the region’s artists.  the event spotlights the latest developments in the visual arts and will feature 245 premier galleries, from 39 countries and territories.
show dates are may 15-18, 2014, taking place at the hong kong convention and exhibition centre (HKCEC).