los angeles-based artists juan delcan and valentina izaguirre have created an animated video shot with an iPhone that uses matches to illustrate the impact of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. in the video, which has gone viral with more than three million views, a row of matches are shown catching on fire until one steps aside and stops the blaze in its tracks.




the short animated video was inspired by a photo that circulated on instagram over the weekend with the same representation. it shows matches representing healthy people until they are lit and in close proximity to one another, set each other alight. that is until one match steps out of line preventing the flame from continuing to spread.

artists create safety match video to illustrate the power of social distancing

artists juan delcan and valentina izaguirre



delcan, 54, directed the 3D clip, while his partner, valentina izaguirre, designed and styled the set. as can be seen from juan delcan’s instagram, the pair have been making matchstick artworks for about a year, typically shooting the video and recording the audio using an iPhone. their other clips usually depict lighthearted scenes of gyms doing everyday things like going to a the gym, spending the day at a fair or going out for a drive.


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artists: juan delcan and valentina izaguirre
title: safety match