‘blastfurnace’ as part of the ‘new tribal labyrinth’ series by atelier van lieshout

dutch studio atelier van lieshout has created ‘blastfurnace’, an addition to his ‘new tribal labyrinth’ project designboom covered here. the sculpture explores the concepts put forward in ‘new tribal labyrinth’ – a proposed society conceived by the artist – which articulates philosophies whereby bands of people will begin to classify themselves by tribe rather than nationality. AVL produces objects, installations and impedimenta through which they can connect with one another: things to be venerated, cannibalistic expiatory equipment and designs. AVL offers, again, a sense of esteem to the items we use and live with. this particular manifestation continues this stream of thought, a manifestation of critically analysing today’s world through the medium of sculpture – proposing a revolution on the contemporary and providing practical proposals for living.

AVL says of the work:

‘I am defending the diminishing industries that are being replaced by a disney society of service workers, pursuing empty tasks. I am placing value on objects that are produced through industry in europe.’

atelier van lieshout: blastfurnace detail of how the sculptural aspects are built into the shelving unit

atelier van lieshout: blastfurnace

atelier van lieshout: blastfurnace scale