AUJIK’s distorted drone footage unearths augmented realities + alien landscapes
all image courtesy of AUJIK




the mysterious japanese ‘nature/tech cult’ AUJIK shares its visions of fabricated histories and fictitious landscapes across virtual and video-based media. existing urban sites, natural panoramas and suburban settings are digitally manipulated by hybrid organic-mechanical beings, forming a surreal sequence of augmented realities and alien landscapes. AUJIK’s recent film ‘spatial bodies’ sees aerial drone footage of both cities and natural terrain distorted by the deconstruction of architectural objects and the twisting of topographic planes. 



spatial bodies (drone tests)
video courtesy of AUJIK




‘these virtual appearances suggested decades-old lineage through theoretical schematics outlining their transgressive mission, citing faux reports arguing the life of inanimate matter and modern forms of animism from fictional anthropologists and philosophers,’ the artists describe.


specifically for ‘spatial bodies’, one scene sees a dense cityscape distorted by a seemingly otherworldly influence that destroys its fundamental structural components and reorders it as an impossible architectural reality. a following sequence shows alien forces invading a rural mountain area, with ribbon-like creatures writhing through the river and trees. 

a dense cityscape is distorted by a seemingly otherworldly influence

the digital forces destroy the city’s fundamental structural components

alien forces invade a rural mountain area, with ribbon-like creatures crawling out from the river and trees

tree branches extend from a digital void in the ground  

the landscape is distored by a large hole stretching into the core of the earth

sculptural forces invade the city landscape


via [thecreatorsproject]