azuma makoto suspends bonsai tree trapeze in an abandoned power plant
all images courtesy of azuma makoto




within the vast and vacant inner expanse of the abandoned power plant IM in belgium, japanese artist azuma makoto has suspended a botanical installation just above the space’s cavernous floor.  ‘式1 × the abandoned power plant’ comprises a cage-like cube, metallic tethers and a bonsai tree, which work together to float the greenery above the surface of the disused site. cords tightly wrapped around the bark and branches secure the suspended tree to the sides of the square volume, where unattached roots hang in place. 


makoto has long been celebrated for his creative achievements with bonsai trees, even sending a 50 year old species into space for the exobiotanica project last year. his photography of the final installation shows an intersection between nature and architecture, and both highlights and juxtaposes the relationship between the two.  

the bonsai tree is slightly suspended above the surface of the tower 

the vast, vacant space is temporarily occupied by a living tree

metallic cords attach the tree branches and bark to a cage-like construction

unattached roots hang in place 

the artist builds up the installation within the belgian tower 

making-of: makoto builds up the project within the abandoned site