azuma makoto floats a four-meter floral sculpture into the ocean
all images courtesy of azuma makoto




azuma makoto is known for planting his blooming sculptures in unconventional locales such as suspending a bonsai tree within an abandoned power plant, as well as sending the same species of ornamental shrub into space for his exobiotanica project. now the japanese artist is back on earth, where he has sailed out into the hinoba-an sea, nearby the negros island in the philippines, planting a monumental floral work in the middle of the ocean. measuring four meters long, ‘in bloom #2 dagat&bulaklak‘ is composed of approximately 10,000 red heliconia that have been arranged on a simple raft that is typically used by local fishermen. with nothing protecting it from the harsh sunlight, and blown with salted water, the towering sculpture quietly floats along the endless stage of cobalt blue water.


the contrast between the expressions of the flowers that are constantly changing, and the surrounding calm of the ocean have been documented as a documentary:


video courtesy of azuma makoto

‘in bloom #2 dagat&bulaklak’ is composed of approximately 10, 000 red heliconia
building the structure on a raft typically used by local fishermanAMKK_in-bloom#2-dagat&bulaklak_designboom_004
transporting the flowers out off the coast of negros island in the philippinesAMKK_in-bloom#2-dagat&bulaklak_designboom_005 AMKK_in-bloom#2-dagat&bulaklak_designboom_006
approximately 10,000 red heliconia were used to make the sculpture azuma-makoto-in-bloom-2-dagat-bulaklak-designboom-01
installation in progress
azuma makoto putting the heliconia in placeAMKK_in-bloom#2-dagat&bulaklak_designboom_009
the artwork nearing completionAMKK_in-bloom#2-dagat&bulaklak_designboom_010
the monumental flower sculpture sitting in the middle of the oceanAMKK_in-bloom#2-dagat&bulaklak_designboom_011
at dusk