azuma makoto infills paris colette shop with 10,000 petal-filled jars
all images courtesy of azuma makoto




within the two shop windows of the colette store in paris, japanese artist azuma makoto has filled the street-facing display with a colorful arrangement of flowers, encapsulated inside miniature glass vessels. the pop-up installation, exhibited from now until january 30, 2016, comprises 10,000 mini jars filled with petals and orchids. stacked on a system of shelving, the transparent containers reveal vibrant fragments of botanical life, with hues of blue, yellow, red and pink mingling within the tightly packed spaces. when viewed at a distance, passersby the storefront see a full spectrum of colors that blend into a kaleidoscopic floral-patterned landscape; at close range, the individual petals and leaves can be vividly perceived. 

the storefront is filled with an arrangement of glass vessels containing flower petals 

hues of blue, yellow, red and pink mingle within the tightly packed spaces

passersby stop to enjoy the ephemeral installation in paris 

passersby the storefront see a full spectrum of colors 

when viewed from a distance, a blur of vibrant colors reveals itself 

the window displays are illuminated by night, revealing the vibrant colors of the flowers on display

crowds draw near the installation of 10,000 mini jars filled with flower petals