bamboo bike by blackstar



while living in africa, a group of entrepreneurs from amsterdam observed that the continent’s export of manufactured goods was lacking. rich in raw materials including cocoa, crude oil and coffee beans, africa unfortunately does not reap the benefits of its land. much of these natural ingredients are shipped to western countries and china to be processed and made into real product, ultimately sold at a much higher price, making the profit margins between supplier and producer incomparable.

blackstar was born out of this. harnessing ghana’s bamboo harvest, the dutch company’s desire was to produce a bike from the sustainable materialfor urban transport, which while being ecologically sustainable and stylish, was also a socially responsible venture providing immediate economic benefits to the local community.

with their concept, blackstar aims to support africa’s labour force and entrepreneurs, providing formal employment that not only embodies the future development of african product and trade, but also address green consumption and environmental values. each bike frame is made from bamboo sourced from central ghana, which is then skillfully fabricated by craftsmen who bind the wooden components together using sisal fibres derived from northern ghana. the result is a design which is not only charming but supporting the community on a bigger financial and social scale.



blackstar bamboo bikeseach frame is made from bamboo sourced from central ghana



blackstar bamboo bikesthe bamboo components are bound together by sisal fibres



blackstar bamboo bikes




blackstar bamboo bikeshandle bar detail



blackstar bamboo bikes




bamboo bikes by blackstarlocal craftsmen are employed to produce the bicycle frames ultimately supporting the local economy