last week banksy went viral when one of his paintings self-destructed after selling  for $1.4 million at a sotheby’s auction in london. immediately becoming one of the most audacious stunts in art history the artwork, now shredded into ribbons, has led many to proclaim it was a middle finger to the art world, maybe an act of counterculture, definitely an anti-capitalist statement. ironically events thereafter have a strong stench of money.


banksy's art shredding stunt has become a meme that brands are capitalizing on



if even intended this was a complete failure with news reports speculating soon after whether the artwork had in fact become more valuable as a unique document of contemporary art history. right after the event banksy became a global twitter trend, nifty marketing that would have otherwise cost a lot to pull off. now big brands are capitalizing on the historical art moment by editing it into marketing gold.







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