‘cardinal sin’ (detail) by banksy image via design you trust

street artist banksy has revealed his latest work, this time vandalizing a statue of a priest by sawing off its face, and replacing it with an arrangement of blank tiles. the result is a ‘pixellated’, blurred out visage of the 18th century stone bust replica which stands to be a comment on recent crimes perpetrated by the church, specifically the child abuse scandal and its subsequent cover-up.

on show at the walker art gallery in liverpool, the sculpture is on display alongside artistic masterpieces by rubens and van dyck, within room three of the museum’s 17th century old master galleries.

this is the first time that ‘cardinal sin’ is on display to the public and has been loaned to the gallery indefinitely by the artist.

banksy: cardinal sin ‘cardinal sin’ image via design you trust

banksy: cardinal sin banksy’s ‘cardinal sin’ sitting alongside the artworks of 17th century master painters image © reuters

via BBC, daily mail