street artist banksy has disavowed moscow’s massive exhibition by posting an honest conversation he had with a friend on instagram where he said: ‘I don’t charge people to see my art unless there’s a fairground wheel.’


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inaugurated in june, the retrospective is housed inside moscow’s central house of artists and showcases ‘approximately 100 exhibits, including unique original works, 3D objects, rare prints and photographs by banksy, and much more,’ states the website. attracting over 200,000 visitors in its first months, the $15-entrance show runs until september.


alexander nachkebia, whose company IQ art management organized the show, had previously stated the exhibition wasn’t in collaboration with the artist. instead he argues that it features works owned by private collectors who have the right to show them. ‘the fact that banksy paid attention to our exhibition reaffirms the significance of this event,’ told nachkebia to RBC.