barefoot series turns bodily extremities into fleshy footwear
all images courtesy of jyo john mulloor




dubai-based designer jyo john mulloor has completed his latest series of body artworks. ‘barefoot’ is a collection of digital images depicting hybrid-human images that turn bodily extremities into fleshy footwear. at the base of each male or female foot, mulloor has digitally sculpted soft, cushion-like forms that mimic the texture, shape and style of rubber sneaker soles.


skin is ‘grafted’ across the corners and crevices of the feet, wrapping it from heel to toe. the resulting manipulation produces the visual impression that a shoe and foot have been seamlessly united into a single, surreal species. each of the unsettling compositions are rendered with a strong sense of hyper-realism that seem strangely familiar, yet defy anatomical possibility. 

the texture of sneaker soles has been digitally implanted onto a human foot 

the female foot is given a rubbery, textured base 

indentations on the bottom of the limb appear to be skin, but are in fact digital impressions 

the heel of the foot is imprinted with cleat-like characteristics

the heel of a sneaker is blended into base of a bare foot 

detail of the digitally manipulated foot 

each of the surreal compositions are rendered with a strong sense of hyperrealism