if you want to become your cat, you must first take a photo of your cat. make sure to catch their fur in good light. submit it to shindo rinka, a creative planning office in japan. have 300,000 yen + postage on hand. then wait. wait for your custom cat mask.

become your cat: custom japanese masks, purrfect for kitten around
all images courtesy of shindo rinka



after submitting the photo to the shindo planning office, the heavy lifting will be handed over to 91 — a modeling workshop that will create an adorable 3D mold of your kitty’s little noggin’ for you to wear, whiskers and all. unfortunately no one currently offers a 3D realistic mask of your human face for your cat to wear, so you won’t be able to freaky friday it just yet. in the meantime, this viral cat mask deserves its credit as the controversial cat concept of the day — if you’re on social media, press like for cute, share for creepy, go to war in the comments and tag the one friend you know who would actually spend upwards of 2,000 USD to become their cat with 0 shame.
cat mask
cat mask cat mask cat mask cat mask