becoming marni presents artist véio’s dynamic sculptures during venice biennale
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taking up residence in the peaceful abbey of san gregario during the period of 2015 venice biennale. ‘becoming marni‘ is a site-specific installation celebrating the 20th anniversary of the italian fashion house and the final event of the marni prisma program. curated by architect stefano rabolli pansera and overseen by marni’s creative director of special projects carolina castiglioni. the exhibit presents one hundred wood carved sculptures crafted by brazilian artist véio, who’s work is characterized by his use of natural and found materials– giving them new life as dynamic and colorful pieces.

images courtesy of marni
the exhibit is hosted in the abbey of san gregario


crafted using wood, logs and branches displaced along the river, the historic setting of the abbey compliments the organic forms on display which are unusually shaped like a mix between a person and an animal or bird. the characteristic sculptures explores the concept of morphing identity through pure form. along with the playful and unpredictable shapes which is coupled with the bold colors, the language captured in each pieces share and reflect marni’s aesthetics and artistic expression.

the sculptures explore the concept of morphing identity through pure form

the artists utilizes wood, logs and branches located along his local river- giving then a new life

although different in geographical and cultural backgrounds, marni and véio share similar approach and language


rialto bridge in venice displaying the becoming marni banner
image © designboom