‘our journey’, a sculptural installation by bill starke at the recently constructed amway center in orlando, florida

commissioned by the city of orlando for the recently constructed amway center, ‘our journey’ is a sculptural installation by american artist bill starke, composed of eight life-size human figures depicted on a journey together to scale the side of the building. the amway center is home of the NBA basketball team the orlando magic, and the installation’s narrative reflects the values of cooperation, decision-making, and achievement.

each of the eight life-size figures was cast in aluminum using lost-wax casting, and the series of ladders, also composed of aluminum, are painted in a range of colours of high solids polyurethane paint. a star pattern of lights highlights the top third of the installation and illuminates the globe held by the topmost figure.

bill starke: our journey aerial view

the project team consists of bill starke, project managers and consultants bobosart, demiurge sculptural fabrication studio, and kl&a structural engineers.

bill starke: our journey our journey – ground view

bill starke: our journey ‘she points the way’, the figure at the base of the installation

bill starke: our journey ‘a helping hand’

bill starke: our journey ‘dead end choice’

bill starke: our journey our journey – outside the box

bill starke: our journey view of building top and the crowning sculpture

bill starke: our journey closer view of the top figure of the sculpture, which represents achievement

bill starke: our journey design document

bill starke: our journey artist bill starke in the studio at work on ‘our journey’

bill starke: our journey design maquette of ‘our journey’

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