benoit challand + simon duhamel envision a surreal set of imagined musical instruments
all images courtesy of benoit challand and simon duhame




born from the common will to cooperate together on a single theme, 3D artist benoit challand and photographer simon duhamel have realized the series ‘bloom maestro’. the collection of images comprises a mix of digital artwork and photography, amalgamated to form a diverse and surreal set of imagined musical instruments. the virtual works include a zany audio system, with organ pipes and trumpet horns producing the source of sound; a piano, with three orb-like speakers protruding from its open lid; and a semi-digital harp whose strings are hooked up to an electronic sound-making machine. materials like cooper and white marble form the mediums of the musical props, set against light pink backdrops alongside a quirky host of human figures. ‘instruments become alive to create relationships,’ the artists describe. 

a marble bench supports an imaginary upright base, propped on copper supports 

a piano features three orb-like speakers that protrude from beneath its lid 

a semi-digital harp includes speakers to amplify its sound 

the audio system includes a mix of organ pipes and rounded electronic speakers 

a figure holds a copper flute 

sounds is produced from a surreal instrument made from horns and pipes 



project info:


art direction and 3D design: benoit challand
photography: simon duhamel
production: eliane sauvé / consulat
assistant: maxime lapointe
makeup: vanessa ashley / dulcedo
stylisme: amanda van der siebes
retouching: pénélope st-cyr robitaille
models: inès, édouard, carelle, william, bruno