new hypecourt by drukdoenerij pops up in belgium


graphic designer hans de backer, also known as drukdoenerij, unveiled the hypecourt 9200 mural in dendermonde, a small city of belgium. the colorful basketball court emerges as a graphical interpretation of the local zip code, putting the silent provincial town on the map.

hype court puts a silent provincial town on the map 1
this new hypecourt emerges as a graphic interpretation of the local postal code 9200

all images courtesy of melvin vanderstylen


hypecourts, what’s the hype?


as many other cities,  dendermonde believes in the benefits of colorful streets and curated street art. last summer the city was already given extra color with five murals in the context of regional arts festival viewmasters 2021. now, locals can add this new hypecourt to that list, designed and executed by drukdoenerij (find more here), in collaboration with curator of the project bart warnier of whamoffice (find more here).


the upgraded site was primarily created for the local youth and is expected to brighten up the neighborhood. but most of all it’s a graphic approach to the city’s zip code: with an area of 364 sqm, and more than 150 liters of bold paint colors, postcode ‘9200’ is perfectly visible from the sky and makes dendermonde stand out as a colorful city. ‘can’t wait till google maps flies over!’ the designer shares. 

hype court puts a silent provincial town on the map 2


bold basketball court mural by drukdoenerij puts small town in belgium on the map



project info:



name: hypecourt 9200
designer: drukdoenerij


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