‘guru guru black power’ (2007), deconstructed black plastic bags and metal studs – image © daniel reich gallery
, and work towards a common ground of cultural exchange amongst his audience. though the objects which he crafts are crude in appearance, they are more about the function and symbolic meaning of materials in which they are made. drawing from everyday life through his process, lopes’ sculptures and installations can be seen as experiments, somewhat of a commentary on society and the influence technology has had on us. his pieces are thoughtful, encouraging and invite a participatory dialogue between individuals and the community.

brazilian artist jarbas lopes ‘casual’ (2007), clay – image © daniel reich gallery

brazilian artist jarbas lopes ‘ambiente curto (short environment)’ (2007), vegetable fiber – image © daniel reich gallery

brazilian artist jarbas lopes ‘good and evil misunderstandings – cars’ (2006) – image © a gentil carioca, rio de janeiro

brazilian artist jarbas lopes ‘cicloviaérea’ (ongoing) – image © daniel reich gallery

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