‘banana peel trucker hat (for bananas)’ by brock davis, 2012 all images © brock davis

brock davis, sometimes recognized as his pseudonym, laser bread, has just released several small-scale intervention artworks. the minneapolis, USA artist and creative director of carmichael lynch, pours into his portfolio a constant stream of creative pieces resulting in a collection of new miniature works which seek to re-explain ordinary surroundings through a whimsical lens. these self-initiated projects are a mixture of the designer’s talents including illustration, photography, sculpting, and drawing.

for ‘banana peel trucker hat (for bananas)’ the artist says ‘my kids were grumpy at breakfast this morning, so I had this idea to make a quick banana peel trucker hat for the banana to wear using the peel of the banana. this cheered them up and it made the banana look relatively hip. how to make: 1 or 2 bananas. one to make the hat, one to model the hat. this could also be made using one banana. carve the shape of the hat using an x-acto knife. leave one of the banana peel sides longer, to make the rim of the hat. most bananas come with a little sticker. use this sticker to serve as the logo on the hat, if you want your hat to have a logo. simple project, takes about 5 minutes yet the memories will last a lifetime.’

if you are interested in learning more about brock davis’ creative process, visit designboom’s 2009 interview with the artist

brock davis: banana trucker hat / new works ‘monarch on soda cracker raft’, 2012

brock davis: banana trucker hat / new works ‘recent bird and squirrel postings’, 2012 the artist’s recent bird and squirrel postings at the top of a utility pole near his home

brock davis: banana trucker hat / new works a detailed perspective of the miniature bird and squirrel posters top row from left to right: chirrr nest remodeling, crow propaganda flyer, tchrring – squirrel student art film (psychological thriller) bottom row from left to right: public service announcement for birds suffering from ceeebrrrtt feetee, poster for 3-piece prog outfit plrrsplee promoting the release of their self-titled debut album

brock davis: banana trucker hat / new works supporting photos for article ‘how to spot the future’ by thomas goetz- art for wired magazine from left top to left bottom (clockwise): invisible bulb – opening photo for article, liberation bulb, cross-pollination bulb, and audacity bulb