computer generated image of ‘forest of light’ all CGI images by stephen weeks

‘light!’ is a commissioned garden-wide exhibition of UK light artist bruce munro at longwood gardens in pennsylvania, USA. his first one-man show and exhibition in the USA, the installation will feature seven large-scale works including ‘forest of light’.

‘forest of light’ is a new project which consists of 20,000 stems of light strewn along a 1 kilometre path that winds through the gardens. below the stems, the fiber optics trail along the ground, much like woodland roots. the large orbs that sit atop each acrylic stem are clear, so the fibres can be seen clearly, curled within a tendril. 100 watt color changing halogen projectors will be outfitted with hand-painted rotating color wheels, so that each orb emits a different hue.

‘the unmatched beauty of longwood gardens inspired me in so many ways,‘ says munro. ‘creating works that speak to the landscape but also enhance the natural beauty of the gardens was an exciting artistic challenge. I hope that guests will see in these works the beauty of melding light and the landscape to become one.’

bruce munro: forest of light detail of the orbs of light

the presentation of munro’s work will also involve two indoor installations within the 4 acre conservatory, and an exhibition of his smaller works within the facilitiy’s music room. most of the indoor and outdoor installations are completely new pieces munro will create for longwood gardens and are set to be revealed in the summer of 2012.

bruce munro: forest of light the orbs of light will emit different hues of color