‘schatten loop’ by carsten nicolai, 2012 space echo device, spotlight, custom-made pedestal 200 x 100 x 65 cm image by uwe walter courtesy galerie eigen + art leipzig / berlin and the pace gallery

german artist carsten nicolai has created the installation ‘schatten loop’ for the storefront of swedish fashion label collection of style (COS)‘s berlin location. while this recent work is visually reminiscent of nicolai’s c-print piece ‘tape loops‘ developed in 1998, the kinetic quality of ‘schatten loop’ is the focus of this sculptural work. the ribbon of tape moves across the reflective surface as the sound produced by the device enhances the effect of its shifting shadow upon a wall facing the installation. the artist has developed a tactile, aural and visual piece to complement the aesthetic of the new retail space.

‘the work ‘schatten loop’, created especially for a window installation at COS store berlin, is based on the concept of light reflection. a magnetic tape loop of a sound effect device is spotlighted by a condensed light beam. the mirrored panel underneath reflects the light and the image of the tape loop against the back wall. the tape loop is in constant movement and changes shape according to the principle of self-organization. the reflection generates new visual content without recurrence.’ -carsten nicolai

carsten nicolai: schatten loop for COS detailed perspective of the tape moving across the reflective surface

carsten nicolai: schatten loop for COS a closer view of the looping tape

carsten nicolai: schatten loop for COS nicolai adjusts a component of the piece

carsten nicolai: schatten loop for COS ‘schatten loop’ in motion

carsten nicolai: schatten loop for COS installation view

‘COS x carsten nicolai’ by cosstores