carsten witte deconstructs expo milan architecture
all images courtesy of carsten witte




when the international masses flock to expo milan, many stand in awe of the impressive architectural structures towering around them. upon visiting the site, hamburg-based photographer carsten witte took a closer look at the buildings’ construction and design, finding shapes, geometries and graphic compositions within their architectural makeup.


‘expo patterns’ comprises a series of photographic montages that zoom-in on the pavilion façades and building anatomies. for example, witte hones in on the red toned ‘scales’ that line daniel libeskind’s vanke pavilion and directs his lens at the intricate aluminum beehive that sits atop the UK pavilion by wolfgang buttress. the deconstructed architectural segments are superimposed onto various graphics that both intersect and unite with the fragmented buildings, offering a new perspective and visual approach of milan’s expo.

the vanke pavilion by daniel libeskind (read more on designboom here)

the UAE pavilion by foster + partners (read more on designboom here)

the rippled exterior of the UAE pavilion is the focus of the composition

the UAE pavilion’s undulating walls are graphically connected by angled stripes

the UK pavilion by wolfgang buttress (read more on designboom here)

witte focuses in on the UK’s pavilions intricate aluminum beehive

the japan pavilion by architect atsushi kitagawara (read more on designboom here)

‘the wings’ by daniel libeskind (read more on designboom here)

an architectural detail of ‘the wings’

the twisting metal sheets are highlighted in the composition