charles young meticulously builds a miniature paper metropolis
all images and gifs courtesy of charles young




armed with watercolor paper, PVA glue and a steady hand, edinburgh artist charles young has built the meticulous metropolis he calls ‘paperholm‘. over the past year, young has crafted more than 300 miniature architectural structures, urban monuments, vehicles, residences and carnival rides, each forming an integral part of the final cityscape, completed this month.


every day since august of last year, young has folded, crimped, creased and cut paper pieces into freestanding constructions, individually photographing each in their finality. simple stop-motion animation techniques gives the various buildings, buses, cars and carousels a sense of the movement of everyday life, with windmills whimsically turning in the ‘wind’ and trucks winding through small ‘streets’.

a tiny paper watermill spins in place

a bus veers through the miniature city streets

a sign spins atop a paper building

a car weaves in and out of a paper garage

while the windmill blows in the passing breeze, an axe chops a log of wood


a bus rotates around a brutalist-style building



a boat is loaded up into a paper house

the door of a small barrel habitat swings open and closed




with 60 unique paper buildings and 9 miniature vehicles, young has created a charming short film that follows inhabitants of a tiny paper city as they go about their day. take a look at the video below, fully created on action cam by sony, for a fascinating peek inside his meticulous process.



PAPERPORTS by charles young
video courtesy of sony | action cam

a tiny paper city is made from dozens of individual miniature constructions

charles young paperholm paper city
a tiny citroën H style truck sits on the edge of a finger



h/t [this is colossal]