chevy sends out press release written in emoji
image courtesy of chevrolet




to keep up with the changing times, chevrolet publishes a press release all written in emoji to introduce the 2016 chevrolet cruze. the glyph based language system has surely reshaped the way the modern world communicates, but the difficulty of translating the press release is an example that it should not be a primary form to interact with each other. 


take a crack a reading the announcement before scrolling down to see the decoded press release. 


 the officially decoded chevrolet press release #ChevyGoesEmoji:

the all-new 2016 cruze blends innovative technology, striking design and impressive efficiency into one sporty ride. it’s the best new thing since sliced bread for stylish and socially connected people. a chevrolet spokesperson said: ‘we had the idea that the new cruze could change the world.’

  • design: Athletic build, stylish and good looking
  • technology: 7 connected devices with available 4G LTE Wi-Fi. cool! first in its class to offer compatibility with apple carplay and android auto. bluetooth compatible. touch screen. speakers/music.
  • seating: seats 5
  • fuel efficiency: the 2015 cruze offers an EPA-estimated 35 mpg hwy. the 2016 cruze is expected to offer better fuel economy, which is awesome. look at how much time will pass before you need to fill up your tank again!
  • safety: 10 air bags. comes with OnStar standard for 6 months.
  • available: soon! coming in Spring 2016.
  • available: globally

in conclusion, get ready to go places in your cruze. it has the technology and fuel efficiency you need wrapped up in a fun ride. prepare to fall in love.