a marketing promotion and a holiday collide in another westeros’ian tale of ice and fire. game of thrones, the HBO adaption based off stories by george r.r. martin entered televisions and streaming services a decade ago, back when viral internet marketing stunts were first spreading their hashtag’ed-feathers. to promote the show, we’ve seen certain film and book lore come to life — dire wolf bread, ice hotels, and merch to last the long winter. now, just in time for easter 2019, meal delivery service, deliveroo, has teamed with GOT marketers to present us with gifts fit for the khaleesis and khals among us: solid, 2.2 pound, chocolate dragon eggs.

chocolate dragon eggsall images courtesy of deliveroo



‘where. are. my dragons?!’ they’re right here. but they haven’t hatched yet. you could keep them sacred and safe, pass them down your family line for 1,000 years to wait for a fire-proof ancestor to come along and reawaken them. or you could eat them and watch the final season of game of thrones on april 14th — just make sure to order takeout from deliverooregardless of whether these marketing maneuvers inspire you toward their services and shows… chocolate dragon eggs are still a cool concept worth munching and #crunching to while you watch GOT, until you get to that scene with oberyn. 

munch on chocolate dragon eggs as game of thrones characters fight to the deathchocolate dragon eggschocolate dragon eggschocolate dragon eggschocolate dragon eggschocolate dragon eggs