chris labrooy explores auto elasticity with twisted and tangled cars in tokyo
all images courtesy of chris labrooy




UK-based artist chris labrooy continues his auto elastic explorations with a new series inspired by japan’s capital city and kisho kurokawa’s nakagin landmark capsule tower. ‘tokyo’, a follow up to labrooy’s ‘tales of auto elasticity’ previously featured by designboom here, draws on japan’s rich car and animation culture.



video courtesy of chris labrooy




four vehicles — a honda NSX, datsun 240Z, datsun skyline GT-R and the toyota AE86 — are digitally distorted, stretched, twisted and tangled as they drive through the empty urban landscape. the video and accompanying graphics sees two passing cruisers suddenly interlock in a strange sculptural geometry, a yellow toyota elongated to accommodate two cartoon characters in its void, and an electric blue datsun sliced in half as it hovers in mid-air. 

two cruisers interlock in a strange sculptural geometry

a yellow car is stretched to feature a void at its core 

two animated characters are placed within the elongated center of the car 

an electric blue datsun is sliced in two, while its upper half hovers in mid-air

the series draws influence from japan’s capital city and kisho kurokawa’s nakagin landmark capsule tower