christine mcconnell replicates seven generations of american women
images courtesy of christine mcconnell
the first portrait is of martha who was born 1821, christine’s great-great-great grandmother




los angeles photographer, christine mcconnell, creates ‘seven generations of american women’ by replicating female family members’ portraits dating back 200 years. the first generation starts with christine’s great-great-great grandmother, martha, who was born in 1821 and concludes with a humorous imagination of what her ‘to be declared’ daughter may look like in the future.

great-great grandmother jane was born 1858




by following just her maternal line, the ‘seven generations of american women’ includes five duplications, a portrait of herself in the style of the 80s – when she was born – and a thought-provoking future impression of how her daughter may appear. as well as her great-great-great grandmother born in 1821, the descendants birth dates are: 1858, 1898, 1928 and 1957.

her great grandmother, attie mae was born 1898


mildred, born 1928, is christine’s grandmother


kathryn who was born in 1957, is her mother


the portrait of christine born 1981, dressed according to the style of her birth date


a ‘to be declared’ image of the photographer impersonating how her daughter may look like