using simple geometrical designs and blocks of saturated color, ‘funnycross’ is mixing up madrid’s urban complexion. located in the municipality of torrelodones, the public art installation — by bulgarian artist christo guelov — hijacks four pedestrian crossings outside the region’s three schools by interweaving the iconic white lines with colorful zig-zags, diamonds, circles, and more. the project aims to combine concepts of art, functionality, and urban planning.

christo guelov adds a splash of color to pedestrian crossings in madrid
energetic colors revitalize dated signposting.
(above) image by guadalupe sasubo
(main) image by rafael perez martinez



the vibrant colors serve a purpose beyond artistic merit, and are intended to rejuvenate dated urban signposting. by contemporizing everyday design with simple and eye-catching patterns, guelov brings focus to the fore, and hopes to remind drivers and pedestrians alike to pay attention to the world around them. the project also raises questions about color in urban planning, and challenges the gray, mundane tonality that has become the norm in modern cities.

the geometric shapes are eye-catching in their simplicity
image by rafael perez martinez



opening up new horizons for human experience has always been the main source of creative energy, both in science and in art,’ says guelov. ‘to inquire into something apparently non-existent or invisible to others and to provide it with real presence has always been the natural mechanism to generate usefulness for ‘art objects”. 


‘funnycross’ is part of a series of urban art interventions that the artist expects to perform in a variety of cities in spain and across europe.

the installation invades four pedestrian crossings near the region’s three schools
image by rafael perez martinez

the project asks questions about the color palettes used in designing modern cities
image by rafael perez martinez

guelov brings focus to the fore, and hopes to help city dwellers focus on their surroundings
image by rafael perez martinez

the colors take a series of shapes, from bright circles, to wiggly lines
image by guadalupe sasubo

the artist interweaves the iconic white lines with colorful zig-zags, diamonds, circles, and more
image by rafael perez martinez

the colors are intended to make the city safer, more exciting place to inhabit
image by rafael perez martinez




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