christophe guinet builds wearable batman suit out of tree bark
all images courtesy of christophe guinet 




french artist christophe guinet, also known as monsieur plant, appropriates botanical life of all category and classification in the creation of modified variations of familiar objects and ideas. previously, designboom featured guinet’s ‘living’ NIKE sneakers made from flowers and a ‘natural skateboard’ made of tree bark, both embodying his fascination and experimentation with organic materials as mediums for art-making. 


bark batman in front of the louvre museum in paris




guinet’s most recent project sees the making of a wearable apparatus that combines fiction, fantasy and floral materials. together with warner bros france and the splendens factory, the artist has designed the iconic batman suit primarily out of tree bark, vegetal moss, lichen and fungus. a foam mold of the batman suit and helmet has been carefully wrapped and covered in layers of tree bark, forming the suit’s distinctive pointed ears, opening for the mouth and nose, and defensive shoulder covering. ‘the bark of the tree is like the suit of the superheroes — a protective force,’ guinet says. ‘the foam strengthens the balance that exists between the symbiosis of nature and that of this mythical character.’

the wearable apparatus combines fiction, fantasy and floral materials

the artist has designed the iconic batman suit primarily using tree bark, vegetal moss, lichen and fungus

the batman suit and helmet has been carefully wrapped and covered in layers of tree bark

the suit, presented for the exhibition ‘batman, under the mask and cape’ at la maison muller

detail of batman emblem made out of tree bark

the suit features batman’s distinctive pointed ears