rocky, 2014
proposal for a poster commissioned by MGM as part of studios 90th anniversary




la boca have designed some beautiful new movie posters for classic movies such as rocky and the deer hunter as well as a retro looking design for the film ‘the red army’. the posters fuse iconic characters and scenes from each of the films to stunning effect.



we’ve never consciously set out to develop or emulate a particular style. over the years it’s just developed organically from our personal interests and the type of work we enjoy doing. I like to think of us as walking with one foot in the past and one foot in future!’ scott bendal of laboca





detail of the rocky poster






the deer hunter, 2014
for studiocanal UK / dark city gallery
official theatrical poster for special UK re-release of the deer hunter.
screen prints available soon through the dark city gallery.





the good, the bad and the ugly, 2014
for MGM / 20th century fox
official poster commissioned by MGM as part of studios 90th anniversary.





detail of the the good, the bad and the ugly poster





red army, 2014
for wild bunch
official cannes poster for a documentary feature about russia’s cold war ice hockey team.




designboom: how do you see your work evolving and what has been the evolution so far?
scot bendall: I’m just happy that our work has been able to evolve at all. we were always very conscious that we didn’t want to get stuck working on projects we didn’t enjoy, or that didn’t present new challenges. when I look at our body of work as a whole, I can see how the studio has matured over the years, and luckily we’ve been able to refine what we do to some extent. but, I’m never happy with a completed project, it can always be done better with hindsight!


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