clay pop art by alexandra bruel
images courtesy of alexandra bruel



french art director and illustrator alexandra bruel engages the familiar childhood novelty of plasticine as her medium to imagine pop art props for advertising applications. bruel issues her clay creations to a range of disciplines including animation, textile design, photography, sculpture and illustration. her creative process includes rolling, folding, and cuting the malleable material into a mixed collection of objects, shapes, and typographic forms.



in a stop-motion claymation, created in collaboration with film director eric beaupre, the 3-dimentional plasticine forms become active moving figures. the quirky short film, which was created for a new year’s greeting, is based on the marx ernst quotation ‘art is a child’s play’ and illustrates those five words.



meilleurs voeux – best wishes 2013
video courtesy of eric beaupre



bruel’s set design work for british vogue magazine included warhol-influenced popular icons made from her signature clay substance. colorful campbell’s cans, psychedelic bananas, and exploding comic bubbles were individually handcrafted and adorned with jewels for the editorial spread.


 clay pop art by alexandra bruel
clay banana covered in jewelry for the british vogue pop issue



clay pop art by alexandra bruel
detail of bruel’s colorful, plasticine molded banana



 clay pop art by alexandra bruel
iconic coke bottles made from clay



clay pop art by alexandra bruel
a detail of pair of lips, with a drinking straw, for the editorial spread



clay pop art by alexandra bruel
an andy warhol-influenced clay sculpture of a campbell’s soup can



alexandra bruel is represented by handsome frank.