cleon daniel creates provocative doughnut pool table
all images courtesy of cléon daniel




continuing with the exploration of themes that involve play and familiarity, and following the banana pool table, designer cléon daniel has created the ‘doughnut pool table’, a product that will be on show during the garden of earthly delights, an exhibition that is part of frieze london 2015. cléon daniel’s style or the ‘inventor of uninventions’ pieces have a provoking value that generally cause diverse responses. 

cleon daniel doughnut pool table
the doughnut pool table cloth’s color is bright pink and the balls add the little sprinkling details  




completely handmade, the ‘doughnut pool table’ was born from a drawing and was made following the traditional process of any billiard table. commenting on the finishing touches, designer cleon daniel says that, ‘the doughnut had to be pink with wobbly icing and it needed to have a hole in the centre, big enough for someone to play from the inside.’

cleon daniel doughnut pool table
the hole in the middle actually invites the players to give it a try from the center of the table

cleon daniel doughnut pool table
the pool table has been completely handmade

cleon daniel doughnut pool table
work in process: the pieces waiting to be assembled  



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edited by: juliana neira | designboom