‘cloaca No. 5’ is a mechanized sculpture that reproduces the human digestive system in every stomach-churning detail. it is part of an exhibition which runs until valentine’s day at the universite du quebec’s art gallery in montreal.

'cloaca No. 5' by artist wim delvoye in montreal

cloaca, a towering steel, rubber and glass contraption, is fed twice a day with cafeteria leftovers during the exhibit. it is part of an exchange with the alberta college of art and design, which presented cloaca No. 5 in calgary last summer.

'cloaca No. 5' by artist wim delvoye in montreal

‘I wanted to make something that is absurdly unnecessary…’ creator, the belgian artist wim delvoye explained his creative process: ‘I don’t think this biologically correct machine belongs in a science museum. I don’t have that ego. I’m not helping sick people. I’m practically useless in society.’

'cloaca No. 5' by artist wim delvoye in montreal at the end of the tract, the machine produces feces, which are then vacuum-packed

delvoye has exhibited around the world and a previous model of cloaca was on display in toronto in 2004.originally developed in 2000, he put together a complex machinery at the museum of contemporary art in antwerp, belgium. see all cloaca machines by wim delvoye