demonstrating the use of the piece

the work of argentinian art trio colectivo gib (cristina galera + pablo irrgang + florencia botindari) is based around mutual cooperation and a synergistic group mentality to produce large scale joint work. specializing in the use of polyester resin and recycled materials, their more recent work has taken the form of oversized heads somewhat resembling the wizard of oz.

colectivo gib: recycled pcb heads

‘sistema alternator’ 2008 is suspended from the ceiling perfectly at the height of an adult.  built on an aluminum frame and paneled with printed circuit boards and keyboards, the face measures 170 x 190 x 150 cm. the piece takes materials machines have produced and reconstructs them into the image of their creator with the intention to have someone stand underneath, resulting in a somewhat paradoxical parallel between man and machine.

colectivo gib: recycled pcb heads located in the palace of the arts lobby at the university of valencia as a digital media installation

colectivo gib: recycled pcb heads detail of the eye

colectivo gib: recycled pcb heads

‘sistema para ensoñar 0.3’ has a similar construction but is set on a wood base with an armchair inside for a viewer to relax and watch a video and light installation inside. the trio were commissioned by the argentinian subsidiary of microsoft in celebration of their 15 year anniversary and is currently installed in the lobby of argentina’s secretary of culture building.

colectivo gib: recycled pcb heads front 3/4 view the lips are lined with individual keyboard keys

colectivo gib: recycled pcb heads lower 3/4 view

colectivo gib: recycled pcb heads installation and scale

video in spanish, jump to 2:00 for construction process

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