crochet-obsessed, portland-based artist, trevor smith has a knack for making crocheted food art look oh so delicious. his food series of 3D crocheted sculptures went on display in a retro-domestic themed exhibition last year at the michael reid sydney gallery but with a black forest cake, crown roast and lobster platter, they’re still giving us a very keen appetite.

a crocheted fruit display
all images courtesy of the artist



in order to sculpt the pieces smith uses a variety of materials including a sculpted foam rubber to keep them upright and a wadding to stuff the fish. for objects such as fruits and vegetables smith crochets over polystyrene shapes, while using free-form techniques to develop smaller more intricate elements such as leaves and flowers. these parts are all stitched together with each dish taking around 15-30 hours to make – now that’s a lengthy cookbook!

a crocheted lobster platter



smith takes inspiration from the vivid spreads in midcentury entertaining magazines. under the wings of his mother, since childhood he has been an avid craftsman when it comes to textiles. in 2018, a solo exhibition of smith’s work will include crocheted cakes.

a crocheted crown roast with trimmings


crocheted food art never looked so delicious


a crocheted black forest cake


a crocheted garnished fish