‘la terza camera’ at cinecittàdue, rome, 2008 (photograph by s. luciano)

‘crystal garden’ by flavio favelli

la carrozzeria, via tortona 32, milan, italy september 26 – october 2, 2008

installed in an old garage in milan, ‘crystal palace’ is a site specific installation work by italian artist flavio favelli. it is the fourth annual contemporary art event sponsored by the italian accessory company roberto del carlo. the exhibit is being curated by art critica and journalist daniele perra. the core of the artwork will be an old glass and iron greenhouse, entirely renewed and decorated with wall lamps and parts of old chandeliers. overhead white glass lamps and chandeliers will hang above. favelli took inspiration from joseph paxton’s ‘crystal palace’ for the 1851 great exhibition and alphonse balat’s royal greenhouse for leopold II. unlike those glass structures, favelli’s greenhouse will remain empty. the exhibit will be open every day from 12 – 8 pm and is free admission.

curator daniele perra reflects on favelli, ‘all his works, site specific or installations – a kneeling stool built with objects that belonged to his family or that he found in flea or antique markets, his chandeliers, his mirrors and different size old blackboards – they all preserve a memory of personal or collective experience. favelli is fascinated not by the objects he uses, but rather by what they represent and have represented in the past.’'crystal garden' by flavio favelli ‘rosé royal’ at 176 projectspace, london, 2005

'crystal garden' by flavio favelli ‘vestibolo d’aspetto’ at centro arte pecci, prato, 2005 (photograph by d. lasagni)

'crystal garden' by flavio favelli ‘vermut hall’ at fondazione volume, rome, 2006 (photograph by r. fiorenza)

'crystal garden' by flavio favelli ‘vermut hall’ at fondazione volume, rome, 2006 (photograph by r. fiorenza)