‘cuteXdoom II’

maxalot gallery, amsterdam february 13 – march 8, 2009

cuteXdoom ii, is the second instalment of artist anita fontaine’s ongoing work at maxalot. fontaine’s work uses commercial technologies such as the computer game unreal tournament to create her artwork. this show uses the game ‘to address the themes of obsession and fanatical adherence to ideologies, with particular reference to japanese otaku culture.’ the exhibit will feature interactive gaming environments with customized equipment, as well as original and limited edition prints and sculptures of the game made using 3D printing. the show debuted at the gallery of modern art in queensland, australia in 2008.

http://www.maxalot.com http://anitafontaine.com


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‘cuteXdoom II’ by anita fontaine

‘cuteXdoom II’ by anita fontaine