american artist daniel arsham debuts another limited edition sculpture dubbed the ‘sand circle’, a new colourway of a piece originally released in 2017. as its previous incarnation the piece is filled with small shards of quartz, this time in varying shades of pink. like the original, the sculpture features two suspended planets for the sandlike mineral to flow against.




every time the sculpture is flipped the sandlike mineral creates unique patterns and landscape-like shapes as they interact with the static celestial motifs. as the packaging denotes and as per the original, the sculpture comes with an instruction booklet and a pair of arsham studio handling gloves.


the sand in the work which is in fact small shards of quartz falls at different speeds based on its weight, the white sand being lighter and smaller gets pushed up in the currents of the liquid, the pink sand being heavier falls faster’, arsham explains.much like an erosion in my work the pattern in the sand is unique each time it falls.



arsham took to instagram to reveal the sculpture, on the opening day of the artist’s ‘static mythologies‘ exhibition at amsterdam’s galerie ron mandos. the expansive presentation features new works as part of his ongoing fictional archaeology series, and will run concurrent to the artist’s ‘connecting time‘ exhibition at the MOCO museum later this month. the pink sand circle will be available in a limited run of 500 pieces on daniel arsham’s website beginning 12PM EST on january 14.