‘tele-present water’ by david bowen all images courtesy the artist

american artist david bowen has developed the dynamic, interactive, motorized piece ‘tele-present water’. the installation is comprised of several jointed, yellow wooden units set in a square grid-like formation. data from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration buoy station 46246 (49°59’7″ N 145°5’20″ W) located in the shumagin islands of alaska, USA, is transmitted to the electronic sculpture. this information then simulates the movement of the ocean’s waves from this remote region in real time. through this installation, a gallery goer views a scaled representation of the physical movement and intensity of the waves occurring at that moment in this distant location through this sculptural work.

the installation was first featured in the national museum in wroclaw, poland, but is now on display in the israel museum in jerusalem show ‘curious minds: new approaches in design’ until march of 2012.

‘tele-present water’ by david bowen

david bowen: tele present water

david bowen: tele present water

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