david lynch’s hair and its fine art equivalenta lynchian bouffant  is compared  to katsushika hokusai’s ‘the great wave’  in ‘the painting’ by jimmy chen





what is david lynch known for? some say his films, others would argue his hair. san francisco-based creative jimmy chen has married the iconic variations of the filmmaker’s hairstyles with the equivalent in famous artworks. the grid, entitled ‘the painting’, puts monet’s water lilies side by side with a perfectly groomed lynchian bouffant, or perhaps van gogh’s starry night can be likened to a silvery shock of hair. the work combines some of the two great vices – hair and art – with a cutting wit as an unconventional tribute to a handful of great cultural symbols of our time.

david lynch's hair and its fine art equivalentthe grid puts monet’s water lilies side by side with a perfectly groomed lynchian bouffant