david shrigley has unveiled his commission for fourth plinth in london’s trafalgar square. ‘really good’ is a seven-meter-high hand positioned in a thumbs-up gesture, displaying an unusually long digit — an idea of which symbolizes the notion that ‘something, somewhere, is really good.’






cast in bronze using the same dark patina as the other statues situated in the square, shrigley’s giant thumb is disproportionately long in comparison to the remaining four fingers. the intention of the sculpture is that this simple gesture will become a self-fulfilling prophecy: things considered ‘bad’ — such as the economy, the weather and society — will benefit from a change in attitude towards positivity. 




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situated in trafalgar square, the fourth plinth was built in 1841 and was originally meant to hold a statue of william IV but, owing to insufficient funds, remained empty. the site now hosts a series of commissioned artworks by world class creatives, including the recent addition of a giant blue cockerel by katharina fritsch.


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‘I am delighted to unveil david shrigley’s really good,’ the mayor of london, sadiq khan, said. ‘the giant thumbs up is wonderfully optimistic, it shows that london is open to the world and that we remain full of creativity and positivity. shrigley’s distinct talent is his ability to capture the imaginations of people of all ages and backgrounds and i know this will be an incredibly successful commission, adding to london’s status as a cultural powerhouse.the fourth plinth reflects the best of london in so many ways – it is creative, pioneering, surprising and a delight for the millions of londoners and visitors from across the globe who visit trafalgar square every year.’

david shrigley
animated teaser for ‘really good’ released ahead of the official unveil 



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