david shrigley: how are you feeling? high line billboard ‘how are you feeling?’ by david shrigley image courtesy of anton kern gallery





on the morning of the 5th of april, new york city will wake up to glasgow-based artist david shrigley‘s piece ‘how are you feeling?’ on the high line billboard. located at west 18th street and 10th avenue, the 25 x 75 foot (7.6 x 23 meter) installation will ask the common, yet complex question and provide an answer, one which is a comment on the emotional state of contemporary society. it deals with anxieties, paranoia, and the familiar pressures of personal and cultural demands. the billboard, commissioned by high line art, will follow anne collier‘s ‘developing tray #2’ and john baldessari‘s ‘the first 0,000 | ever made’.  shrigley’s illustration will be up until may 7th 2012. see designboom’s article on david shrigley’s ‘brain activity’ exhibition on show at the hayward gallery in london. 

david shrigley: how are you feeling? high line billboard projection of the billboard  original image courtesy of arts.observer 



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