david shrigley recent projects science museum’s newly commissioned art work by david shrigley.




david shrigley is best known for his surreal brand of art which crosses many disciplines from drawing to sculpture, animation, writing and spoken word performances. via hi-profile collaborations with the likes of blur and his steady flow of prints and publications, shrigley has managed to establish strong base of followers who relate to his curious, witty and dark words and imagery. yet recently the glasgow based artist has become increasingly active as a promoter for good causes.




last month illustrator and artist david shrigley was commissioned by the science museum (london) to contribute to ‘atmosphere‘ the museum’s new climate change gallery. shrigley painted a huge house of cards on the wall in his trademark freehand style: the work acting as a metaphor for the  delicate balance of the earth’s environment.




around the time he was commissioned by the science museum shrigley was already warning people of the repercussions that the cuts in art funding from the british government would have through the above animation. his ability to make a complex issue seem simple providing the ‘save the arts campaign‘  with a brilliant tool in their protest.


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david shrigley recent projects

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